April 2017 Letter from the Treasurer


Letter from the Treasurer

April 2017
Dear Friend,
Thank you for visiting our site and your interest in our mission. Whether you contribute to Grove for Ghana or not, we are glad you support the needs of our least brothers and sisters in any way you can.

I am writing to give you an overview of our organization and our financial history. We are relatively young, with 2014 being our first full year of operation. We grew out of a visit several years ago to St. Hugh Catholic Church in Miami, FL, from Msgr. Tony Kyereme of the Catholic Diocese of Goaso Ghana. When Msgr. Tony spoke at mass about his childhood and the difficulties of getting clean, safe water in his village, the people were touched and responded generously. The desire to help led to the formation of Grove for Ghana, with the mission of digging as many wells as possible for the scattered villages of this rural area. Msgr. Tony visits us every year for a few weeks and arrives in early April.

Each mechanical well costs $6-7,000. Where there is no electricity, solar wells cost $12-13,000. Through the middle of 2016, enough had been provided to dig 25 wells. Funds sent to Goaso, Ghana, as reflected on our 2016 IRS Tax Form 990, were: $36,106 for 2014; $35,439 for 2015; and $39,396 for 2016. As of April, we have sent $41,000 in 2017. We are run 100% by volunteers and aim for the greatest efficiencies. We have no salaries, no rent, and none of the usual overhead. Our major expense is the annual fundraising dinner in October, which costs $3-4,000 for food and decorations, with the venue and the wine donated. We raise $10-15,000 with this event. Our main source of income to date has been the generosity of people who have donated individual wells, sometimes in honor of loved ones.

We invite you to view the videos on this website to learn what happens in some of the locations in Goaso with the arrival of the wells. We hope to expand our efforts beyond the St. Hugh community. Are you the person who will help us do that? Please contact me if you would like more information and thanks for taking the time to visit our site. God bless you and yours.


Bob Dudley, Treasurer