February 2018 Letter from the Treasurer




February 2018

Dear Friend,
Welcome to our site. We appreciate your interest in our mission.
Since the last update in April, 2017, we have sent an additional $43,000 to Goaso, Ghana, for a total of $84,000 during the year. We anticipate that this will allow the drilling of 8 new wells.
Unfortunately, we were forced to cancel our annual fundraising dinner set for last October because of the arrival of Hurrican Irma in September. We are planning a smaller event for the first half of this year and look forward to resuming the dinner in October, 2018.
We have had virtually no expenses in 2017, and the bulk of our income came from generous individuals who donated enough for a well, or gave what they could afford. Wells cost between $6,000 and $13,000 depending on the type, and you can dedicate the well as a memorial or to loved ones, which includes a sign at the site honoring them.
Please contact me for any information you would like or if you would like to participate in our mission. God bless you.


Bob Dudley, Treasurer