February 2019 Letter from the Treasurer

We give thanks to God for a fruitful year working through the generosity of our supporters to provide clean water to those in need in rural Goaso, Ghana. We raised $77,208.64 in donations during 2018. We sent $16,000 to the Diocese of Goaso in September, 2018, and have just sent another $58,000 in early February, 2019, for a total of $74,000. This represents the equivalent of 10 new mechanical wells. From our founding in 2013, we have forwarded more than $265,000 to our sisters and brothers in Africa. Many thousands of people can enjoy freedom from sickness and disease from the efforts of all involved both here and there. Inspired by Matthew 25, and informed by the Corporal Works of Mercy, we ask God’s blessings, the continued support of donors, and the efforts of our volunteer team to produce an abundant harvest in 2019.

There were three main activities in 2018:

  1. Lenten piggy banks were distributed to the students of St. Hugh Catholic School for the children to contribute from their Lenten sacrifices;
  2. A movie night for the school children was held outside in April. Between these two events, enough money was donated to enable the construction of another well, which was dedicated to the St. Hugh School children.
  3. Our annual dinner was held on October 26th, and was the most successful to date. We had tremendous positive feedback from so many who attended and enjoyed the wine tasting, music and dancing.

Besides these events, our other major source of funds comes from those who are so generous as to donate a well in honor of family or deceased loved ones. $7,000 will build a mechanical well, and $13,000 covers a solar well, for those areas without electricity.

If you have any questions or want more information, please contact me at 305-962-3651 or rjdudl65@gmail.com

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Dudley, Treasurer, Grove for Ghana, Inc., a 501(3)c charitable organization